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  • Gareth Sturch

The Gut Brain Link, Explained Through The Eyes.

Updated: Feb 10

The Radii Solaris (seen in picture below) is an iris sign that is representative of poor/compromised gut health. This compromised gut health results in the 'leaking' of toxins into the rest of the body, particularly the brain. The dark fishers that form in the iris, almost as the spokes of a bicycle wheel, indicate precisely where these toxins will manifest themselves and what organs they will effect. Treatment of this condition, however, is always directed towards the gut and the restoration of gut health. Restoring equilibrium within the gut and rebuilding essential gut flora will cause this condition to stabilize and to eventually recede.

There is, however, an interesting physiological/psychological phenomenon that has been observed in patients possessing the Radii Solaris iris. These individuals often tend to posses self-destructive personality types. This manifests its self in the individual either developing some form of auto-immune disease, or self-destructive mentalities. Now, the question to follow is a very interesting one, and it is one I ponder often. Is the toxin build up responsible for the self-destructive neurology, or is the self-destructive neurology the cause of the toxic build up? Modern science has helped us gain the answer to this question, helping us realize just how vital gut health is to maintaining a healthy brain, but that is a discussion for another article. For now, the answer would appear to be that the toxin build up, caused by compromised gut health, is responsible for effecting the neurology of the patient.

And this answer opens up to us a whole world of questions and possibilities when it comes to treatment of neurological disorders. Imbalance in the gut microbiome has been found to cause conditions such as anxiety and depression. Treatment for these conditions that have focused on the gut have resulted in success rates in over 90% of cases. When you compare this to the fact that only 4 out of every 20 people put on anti-depression medication experience improvement outside of the placebo effect, the findings of the gut microbiome study are remarkable! The full findings of this study will be published right here on our blog at a later date.

As an Iridologist, one of the things I specializes in is achieving and maintaining gut health and balance through natural health care. And as many of my patients will tell you, the results of this holistic treatment methodology speak for themselves. These new studies now set the perimeters for an even more effective treatment on our behalf. Book a consultation, and let me help you on your journey to a health, happy life.

Authored by: Gareth Sturch

(info sources and acknowledgments: Dr Rob Knight, university of California and David Robson, senior jounalist at BBC future.)

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