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Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm 

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Gareth Sturch

Iridology Specialist

For a healthy, happy life


I'm an iridologist with a passion for people and their health. I use a holistic methodology, that of treating the body as a whole, to both treat existing health conditions and to maintain the health of my patients. I specialize in preventative health care and disease management. I qualified in my field with distinction and bring professionalism to my area of expertise. I treat each patient as an individual and seek to provide unique hands on support to each of them, as their journey to living a healthy life is undertaken. My passion for my work is well represented in my work ethic. 

Iridology Sessions

Iridology is a non-invasive diagnostic method, that involves the study of the iris via a magnifying glass. This method of diagnosis allows for a complete overview of the ...
45 min


45 min       $50

Why should health have boarders? I offer online consultations for those who are looking to start living their healthy, happy life anywhere in the world.

Consultation hours:

Monday:                                         10:00-16:00


Tuesday:                                         10:00-16:00


Wednesday:                                    10:00-16:00


Thursday:                                       10:00-16:00


Friday:                                            10:00-16:00


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